Hey ya’ll! I’m beyond excited to be offering Mentorship packages. I know when I got started, we didn’t really have social media except for Myspace & Facebook. I was so overwhelmed with learning how to shoot on manual, edit my photos, how to email, how to build a website, TAXES!!, and then as I learned & grew, more technology & platforms kept popping up! Our lives as photographers are constantly growing and theres always so much to learn!! When I started doing photography in high school, I was shadowing any photographer I could, watching youtube videos and doing everything I could to get to the next level. I’m a HUGE believer about Community Over Competition!! I’m a complete open book and I’m always wanting to share and work with others to help their businesses & photography grow!! This is a huge passion of mine, and I’m so excited to share it with you!


This is your own mini personal workshop. You decide what you want to focus on, and we will make it happen. ** Has to be taken place in Oregon. 3 Hours at a Coffee Shop + 1 Hour Shooting.

Sessions Cover:  1 hour shoot with models where we focus on shooting, posing & lighting. Post Processing, Covering workflow, Editing, Finding your Style, Business tasks anything from client interaction to taxes. And really anything you want to learn!


Skype Session

For those around the Globe who can’t make it to Oregon, we can go over any areas you need help with! 1.5 Hour Skype Session.

Topics Cover: Marketing/Social Media, Client Interactions, Pricing, Portfolio Critique, Editing, Workflow, Contracts, Software, Websites, Taxes, Finding your Style, Booking your Ideal Clients…List goes on! This is your time to get all your questions answered!!