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Jonathan & Krisha // Salvation Mountain, California


I’m so thankful for these cuties!! I had a trip planned to San Diego for a wedding, and I was so excited to plan a couple of extra shoots while I was in town! We planned this shoot the night before it happened! They were totally down to drive almost 5-6 hours to run around Salvation Mountain with me!! This shoot was even better than I dreamed up! They are so fun & in love! Ps. Jonathan is amazing photographer, ya’ll should check out his work!


Summer Fair, OR // Kiley & Dejean

Kiley & Dejean

Seriously had the best time hanging with these cutie high school sweethearts at our local county fair! They were so goofy, in love and way too fun! Kiley was one of my senior reps last year! We completely bonded over our love for photography and yearbook! She was an yearbook editor just like me! It makes my heart so happy to see her find a man that completely adores her!!

Antelope Island, Utah // Ashley & Trevor

It’s a crazy world we live in. I met Ashley through Instagram, she’s an INCREDIBLE photographer out of Utah, you should all check out here work —>

Anyways, I just want to say a huge thank you to Ashley & Trevor! They were such troopers! There was so much wind, rain & craziness happening during their shoot! They made my dreams come true and took me to Antelope Island where Bison roam freely, I’m not even joking. We were a little too scared to get close up so you’ll see them in the background of their photos! I’ll be heading back to Utah in a few weeks, and I cannot wait to hang out with them again!!

Hope you love their adventure & leave some love!